Barbara van Benthem Jutting

New contacts

The last blog came online on February 26th. In the penultimate paragraph of that blog I wrote: A project like this is never completely finished. This is the last blog for now. However, I have since been put on the trail of new information. In 1978, Tera and Pico give an interview about their memories […]

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Loose ends

In the previous blog I looked back at Tera as a person. In this blog some last loose ends and final thoughts on this project. Tera was cremated in Middelburg a few days after her death. The ashes have been scattered, there is no grave. Her estate is more than a million guilders. Her nephews

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Who was Tera van Benthem Jutting

In the previous blog we read about Tera’s significance for science. In this blog I will look at  Tera as a person. Henny Coomans (1929-2010), her successor at the museum, speaks at her funeral. He talks about  the decorations, tokens and honorary memberships that fell to her and says: Now that the soul has left

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Tera and science

In the previous guest blog we looked at the shells that were named after Tera. In this blog we will look at Tera’s meaning for science. Tera begins to study Natural History in her high school years. She loves nature and describes in her diaries what she sees, what flowers bloom and what birds she

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Farewell to the Wael

The previous blog was an In memoriam for Pico who dies in August 1987. Here on the left Tera on a photo, early 1988, in front of the Wael. After Pico’s death, Tera decides, probably in consultation with Rinus de Bruijn, whom she has already appointed as executor of her will, and her niece Mien

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Old age comes with defects

In the previous blog we saw how Tera remains fully active within the Zeeland Society, within the Malacological Association and in Domburg. She enjoys the garden and keeps in touch with everyone. In 1977 there is a big hitch when Tera suffers a cerebral hemorrhage. She is now 78 years old. She temporarily lost her

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Missus Garden

In the previous blog I told you about my own childhood memories, including the large garden and the tea house. The garden, or “missuses little garden”, as Labruyere, the gardener called it, is Tera’s delight  on De Wael. In Amsterdam she had always lived in an apartment and had to make do with a balcony,

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